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French Nationals 2018

An awesome race with a flying start with turbo-power from every paddler

Followed by a little bit of cat an mouse with the French crew then a solid racing line from Joce at the first turn resulting in the French crew going into us( lots of interesting French words then exploded from their boat😂)


We kept going and maintained the lead all the way to the beach turn at 18km . With just 20 secs in front Bernice leapt from to boat to do a flying sprint whilst Anne and Joce tuned the boat . The next 10km was tough 🤢but we successfully managed to spot the inconspicuous buoys ( “turn at the yellow buoy”- but there are 20 in this bay?!😧) and a sprint finish.

We opened up the gap on the French to almost a minute. Boom! Job done! 6 happy paddlers!👏🏻

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